The Mysteries of Water

Water is a dynamic medium, continually changing from liquid to solid, to gas, to gel. As it cycles from its gaseous phase in the atmosphere, to its liquid and solid forms on the earth, it provides life for an entire planet. Yet, as important as water is to our survival, we have not been able to determine its origin or its true essence. To this day, water remains one of life’s puzzles.

Hexagonal Water for Health

Many scholars in the field of science and medicine are focusing on the relationship between water and life. In the field of medicine, health can actually be determined by the state of the water in and around the cells. More and more, doctors and scientists are coming to the conclusion that the quality of the water we drink plays a critical role in the quality of our health and that we can actually improve the quality of our health by improving the quality of the water we drink. In this regard, water has been determined to be an effective treatment for many illnesses. Not only is water related to the activities of life, but as we have seen, the structure of water actually plays a major role in many of these life-giving activities. Structured (hexagonal) Water - comprised of small molecular units or ring-shaped clusters - moves easily within the cellular matrix of the body, helping with nutrient absorption and waste removal. It aids metabolic processes, supports the immune system, contributes to lasting vitality and acts as a carrier of dissolved oxygen. It can provide alkaline minerals to the body and it helps in the more efficient removal of acidic wastes. Drinking structured water takes us in the direction of greater health. It supports longevity and protects against disease.

Biological Organisms Prefer Hexagonal Water

During the last 10 years, (the period of time when the role of structured water has been the most seriously investigated) it has been determined that human beings and other biological organisms prefer structured water (4th Phased) – that this specific structure both directly and indirectly supports biological functions. Several studies have been conducted, using melted snow, since it has the highest concentration of natural hexagonal water. In one test, melted snow water was used to sprout wheat. Results showed that snow water was significantly more efficient at activating the enzymes released during sprouting. The dehydrogenase enzymes which are involved in the proton-motive force that drives the production of ATP (energy) were highly activated by melted snow water and the proton pumping mechanism was accelerated. It is well known that proton transfer is accelerated in ice due to its structure. This is similar to the ease with which a baton can be handed off during a relay race if the runners are in close proximity during the transfer. Tightly held water molecules in ice and other structured solutions make proton transfers easy compared with less structured environments. The above research concluded that the water from melted snow, encouraged proton pumping, which in turn activated the dehydrogenase enzymes for quicker sprouting.

Aging and the Molecular Water Environment

There is an expression, “the water of life,” which implies the importance of water to life. Conversely, the term, “withered” has been used to describe a lack of water. Water and aging are directly related and it has been shown that the water content of the body decreases with age, producing a visible wrinkling and withering effect. Keep in mind that the outward signs of aging are just an indicator of what is also happening on the inside of the body. At the cellular level, aging causes a shift in the ratio of water inside vs. outside the cell. The volume of water inside the cell is reduced and cells “wither” just like the skin on the outside of the body. Newborn babies experience the fastest water turnover of any stage in life. They also experience the most active metabolism. Hence, metabolic rate has been correlated with the amount of cell water turnover in the body and both have been linked with health and aging. When seen from this perspective, cell water turnover becomes an important marker for overall health and longevity. One of the things that structured water has clearly been shown to improve is cell water turnover. Smaller hexagonal units, as opposed to larger, unorganized conglomerates of water, are able to penetrate cells more rapidly, having an overall effect on metabolism, nutrient absorption, waste removal, etc. This increased rate of cell water turnover can be measured with non-invasive Bio Impedance instruments. Children are much more vulnerable to the loss of water. The requirement for water to support their higher metabolic rate is much greater than for adults. This is why even slight diarrhea can cause dehydration among children. The elderly are also vulnerable – but for a different reason. As people age, their bodies dry out and total body water decreases. Intracellular water (water inside the cells) decreases and bodily functions begin to slow down. At the same time the thirst sensation decreases. In the elderly, the triggers for water replacement (thirst and metabolic rate) do not function as well and the elderly tend to consume less and less water. Their water reserves are typically lower and their vulnerability to water loss increases. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has shown that not only is there a decrease in total body water with age, but that there is also a difference in the amount of structured water in the body from infancy to old age. According to the molecular water environment theory: “Aging is a loss of structured water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” Since aging is associated with the loss of structured water from the body, it has been suggested that consuming structured water results in a general slowing of the aging process. Several studies support this premise.

Hexagonal Water Supports Metabolic Efficiency

Water is the medium in which bodily functions take place and our research has shown that it is structured-hexagonal water that is biologically preferred. Structured water supports metabolic efficiency and is associated with other positive functional activities within the body. In contrast, pentagonal water is associated with cancer, diabetes and other abnormal conditions. There are numerous reasons why structured water is the choice when it comes to supporting a long and healthy life. One of these is the amount of energy carried in structured water - characterized by specific heat. Structured water has a larger caloric capacity and a greater ability to perform “work.” It is the obvious biological choice. One of the biggest problems for any biological organism, is the removal of wastes from its systems. Every metabolic function produces waste which causes acidification. Over-acidification has been correlated with both disease and aging and if an organism can eliminate wastes more efficiently, its life expectancy and overall health will be enhanced. Since water has such a high energetic capacity, and since it has the ability to dissolve matter, it is the logical candidate for clean up. When considering the differences between pentagonal and hexagonal water (structured), again hexagonal water is the preferred choice. It is energetically more powerful! Structured water improves cell water turnover and supports metabolic efficiency. In this way, it helps to prevent illness and has the potential to delay aging.

Hexagonal Water Prevents Illness

There is an old saying, “The time to fix the barn is before the cow is dead.” Obviously, any attempts to make repairs to the body, should be considered before disease strikes. After that time, repairs are more difficult and death is often inevitable – too late to “fix the barn.” It is now an accepted fact that disease prevention is just as important as treatment. Health maintenance and disease prevention are finally gaining academic acceptance. At one time, a research company in the UK, studied the cost of prevention vs. the cost of disease treatment. The outcome of the study showed that prevention was a mere 1/16 of the total cost of treating disease. This is a great incentive for employing the best methods available to prevent illness. Hexagonal Water is a good place to begin a health maintenance program. Not only has it been used as a preventative measure, but it has even been used as an effective treatment for many health conditions. In the human body, structured and disordered water exist at the same time and we have shown that the body’s survival rate decreases as the amount of disordered water accumulates. The greater the amount of structured water in the body, the healthier an individual is and it is not likely that disease will invade the healthy body. Once again, an important key to health is the amount of hexagonally-structured water we have in our bodies. In the end, the one with the most structured water, wins! Dr. Gyu Hwan Choi of the National University School of Medicine in Seoul conducted a clinical study to determine the effect of alkaline ionized water (Hexagonal Water produced via ionization) on bodily functions. The purpose was to verify the effect of Hexagonal Water on the treatment of constipation in a clinical setting. In this study, eight patients, suffering from chronic constipation, drank alkaline ionized water for four weeks. Bowel movement frequency and transition time (verified by X-ray) were monitored. At the same time, 34 control subjects (with regular bowel movements) drank the same water. Results showed several things:

  1. Within 4 weeks, bowel movement frequency increased for six of the eight patients and the feeling of discomfort disappeared.
  2. The average frequency of bowel movements for those with chronic constipation, went from 1.4 times/week (± .6) to 2.7 times (±1.6).
  3. The average transition time before drinking the water was 2 to 4 times longer than normal.

After 4 weeks, the transition time improved by 40 to 60%. Although the results of this study are limited to the use of alkaline ionized water for the treatment of constipation, the results have a broader significance. When constipation is prolonged, it affects many other functions in the body - from digestive processes to the functioning of various organs. Chronic constipation can lead to many forms of disease. Being able to effectively treat constipation is synonymous with the ability to prevent a wide array of health problems by maintaining an environment in the intestines that is not conducive to disease.

Hexagonal Water and DNA

DNA is responsible for the genetic information of the body - it is the nucleus of life. Because both DNA and water are so fundamentally connected with life, this is a very profound area of research. The image below shows computer-generated models of normal and abnormal DNA. BDNA (normal DNA) on the left is shaped as a clean helical spiral. However, Z-DNA (abnormal DNA) on the right is distorted. In one study on the hydration of DNA, it was discovered that there are 36 water molecules bound together in the first hydration layer surrounding B-DNA. On the other hand, only 25 water molecules are found in this same hydration layer surrounding Z-DNA (right image). This supports another finding – that the water surrounding normal DNA is highly structured, and much less mobile than the water around abnormal DNA. This tightly-held and highly structured water which surrounds normal DNA acts to stabilize the helical structure of the DNA. It forms a layer of protection from all sorts of outside influences which could cause malfunction or distortion.

Hexagonal Water Enhances the Immune System

Immunity refers to the body’s ability to resist and fight infection. We are born with a partially developed immune system, complete with antibodies transferred from mother and enhanced by the additional benefits of breast feeding. There are also instances, such as vaccination, where we create an artificial immune response. Historical records indicate that crude vaccines were used in clinical settings as early as 120 B.C. and the Chinese used a primitive vaccine, for the control of small pox before the 10th Century. From a broad perspective, vaccinations are a form of preventative medicine, although they are not always without side effects. A healthy immune response, whether naturally or artificially induced, is important for good health. Unfortunately, our immune systems are under constant attack and many incurable diseases seem to have the upper hand in today’s world. Normally, when a virus infiltrates the human body, it creates toxins which are circulated via the blood. Antibodies are created by the immune system and sent out into the body – also through the blood. If the antibodies are successful in destroying the virus, we are victorious. These antibodies remain in the blood for some time against the possibility of another similar attack and we say that we have developed immunity to a specific virus. However, if the immune system is not prepared to respond quickly or with enough force, we become sick. When the body is under stress and the immune system is weak, it is not always able to overcome the attack of pathogenic substances. This can sometimes lead to disease. The causes of disease are usually linked to stress – in one form or another. Stresses can be chemical, environmental, emotional or any combination of these but they all weaken the immune system and from the standpoint of the “molecular water environment theory,” they destroy the structure of structured-hexagonal water in the body. Stress changes structured water (harmonious with biological systems) into pentagonal water, which is not recommended for the human body. In the end, metabolic activity decreases and the immune system is weakened.

Vitamin C and Hexagonal Water

One of the factors that has been shown to enhance immune function is Vitamin C. Volumes of research have been conducted in an attempt to categorize the many and varied functions of this vitamin, however we still do not completely understand how vitamin C is able to strengthen the immune system. It has demonstrated effectiveness against many types of viral and bacterial infections and it has been shown to increase both the number and mobility of specialized white blood cells. According to the molecular water environment theory, one of the ways that Vitamin C enhances the immune system is by affecting the structure of the water at the cellular level. Like Calcium and other structure-making ions, Vitamin C increases the amount of structured water. In other words, because Vitamin C is a structure-making substance, it has an indirect effect on numerous cellular functions, including immune function. Computer simulation research has been conducted to test Vitamin C’s influence on molecular water structure. Results showed that at 77° F for every 1 pentagonal structure, there was .553 hexagonal structures in pure water. However, after the addition of Vitamin C (222:1), hexagonal structures increased to .606 for every 1 pentagonal structure. This is significant evidence that Vitamin C can indirectly enhance immune function by altering the structure of the water at the cellular level.

Diabetes and Cancer

Stress changes structured-hexagonal water into pentagonal water, which is not recommended for the human body. According to research conducted by Boyland, (published in the Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities) only 5% of cancers have physical origins such as radiation damage; another 5% are caused by viruses; while 90% are caused by chemicals in the environment. Most of these carcinogenic chemicals enter the body through breathing, eating and drinking and many are carried in water. Diabetes and cancer are two modern illnesses which have proven to be very difficult to treat. Both are considered to be very complex and to have a number of causes. However, when the water environment of both diseases is evaluated, there are some commonalities which deserve further investigation. Using the NMR proton spin-lattice relaxation methods, it has been found that protons in the water surrounding malignant cells have a longer spin-lattice relaxation time than protons in the water around normal cells. The same kind of correlation has been found when studying diabetic beta cells. In other words, the water environment of both cancerous and diabetic cells is less structured and the surrounding water is able to move more freely than the water around normal cells. Accordingly, both cancer and diabetes have a common feature – the destruction of water structure at the cellular level. It has been suggested that the water environment plays a significant role in both cancer and diabetes and it is interesting to note that both these diseases have theoretical causes which are also somewhat similar. Cancer is characterized by the fact that some cells in the body start replicating in an uncontrolled manner. Experimental experience indicates that cancer is connected with some sort of damage to the genetic code or to some change in the DNA itself. Current theories for the cause of cancer indicate that genetic changes occur due to one of the following models:

  1. The immunological model
  2. The virus model
  3. The somatic (cellular) mutation model
  4. The genetic reading error model
  5. The proton-tunneling model

On a cellular or subcellular level, there are certain similarities between the proposed causes of cancer and those of diabetes. Consider the following:

  1. Diabetes beta cells can be damaged during autoimmune reactions.
  2. Virus either destroys or causes the malfunction of beta cells.
  3. Environmental chemicals damage beta cells or cause their malfunction.
  4. Hereditary factors reduce the amount of insulin and bring about a different water environment in and around beta cells and insulin receptors.

Interestingly, insulin is a hydrophilic (water-loving) and water structure-making substance – more support for the fact that the water environment of diabetic beta cells is less structured than that of normal cells. In scientific research, the presence of water is often taken for granted and ignored, however, it plays an essential role in all biological functions and is especially critical for diabetic and cancer patients. The failure to consider its impact during disease, may be a glaring oversight. One of the unusual characteristics of water, as mentioned earlier, is its ability to temper or tone down the effects of temperature changes in the environment. In a similar manner, water protects the cells of the body from environmental changes. It has been noted that when the hexagonal structure of the water near cells is compromised, the cells are more vulnerable to external stimuli. Ultimately, cells surrounded by less structured water are weaker and more prone to malfunction and genetic mutation.

Final Words

We use water like it was going out of style. In other words, we generally take little regard for this precious resource and as a result, much of our water is used and misused wastefully. It is generally accepted that 60 - 70% of every living organism is water. However, there are scholars who claim that 90% of living organisms are water since only 10% remains when the water is evaporated. Whatever the case may be, water is the very foundation of our lives. It is an intrinsic part of everything we do and everything we are. Hopefully, an understanding of this can help us to be more grateful and to share in the responsibility to protect our water supplies. For those who do not respect the natural flow of water, it can bring about calamities (drought and floods). And for those who forget to take care of natural water sources, it can bring about illnesses such as Typhus, Cholera, Dysentery and Enteritis. Only when we maintain quality water, can we become beneficiaries of its life-giving traits and escape the sickness it dispenses when we are not careful stewards. The continual degradation of our water supplies on the planet creates serious health issues which may ultimately be the downfall of our existence. Fortunately, our awareness of the relationship between water and health is increasing and the desire to use water in an effective, resourceful manner is taking a greater priority. At this point, we are moving beyond the place where we have focused on the available quantity of water and we are in a position to understand and implement programs where we can focus on water quality. Since water is the basis of life’s activities, we cannot neglect it and expect to move forward with life and health. Thus far in our planetary existence, we have taken the value of water for granted, just like people in a family who take their family relationships for granted and forget matters of etiquette. Even our scientists, biologists and doctors have studied everything in water, without considering that the water itself and the structure of the water may be playing an equally, important role. Going forward, we have the opportunity to look at the whole picture and come to a more complete understanding of the relationship between water and life. Until now, we have merely co-existed with water and it has largely controlled our destiny. At this point we are in a position take control. Careful management of the planet’s water supply and the use of structured-hexagonal water in our personal lives can allow us greater freedom and abundant health as we move through the 21st century and beyond.