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We can’t control our genetic inheritance, but we can control the inputs that generate its forms. Human beings are inextricably linked to our environment. While we now know that epigenetics is the actual arbiter of our development as biological organisms, the precise mechanisms of genetic control largely reside in the natural forces that interpenetrate our universe: light, water, atmospheric pressure, electromagnetic fields. Much of the way that we currently try to modify genetic expression involves the use of orthomolecular interventions. The majority of these interventions are dietary or supplementary and are limited in their effects, because they do very little to alter the bioelectrical foundations of the human body.

Xenogenesis describes a process where biological offspring mutate and disassociate from the parent organisms, leaving no lineal traces. This is largely a laboratory phenomenon but we take this as our inspiration as we introduce localized epigenetic forces via 21st century technology to rehearse this genetic break. It is our belief that mastering the epigenetics of our body is best accomplished by providing the informational modulators that thousands of years of evolution have hardwired into our physiology. The environmental inputs into the body are subtle, efficient and should be respectful of the physiological parameters that the body always seeks to maintain. In essence we are trying to effect the generative structures in the body so that it can create the scaffolding necessary to reproduce its functional structures over time. This scaffolding unites the chemical and electrical processes in the body, forming a three dimensional crystalline structure. Genes unfold themselves inside of dimensional proteins and it is precisely the health of these proteins that we are after with our xenogenetic technologies.

Restitutio Ad Integrum

“spontaneous return to wholeness”

Paracelsus, the Swiss physician and Alchemist, spurred a medical revolution during the Renaissance. For him, “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature.” Modern medicine has very complex diagnostic technologies, has developed all sorts of drug interventions and is adept at dealing with acute conditions. Yet, complex chronic disorders, accelerated aging and unmitigated stress remain our most problematic medical concerns. The difference between the ancient intuitive medicines and the modern western rational perspective revolves around the role of the body and its own healing. The guiding principle of ancient interdisciplinary medicine practices was that the body had an innate capacity for healing when regulatory relationships were restored. Positioning the body within a bandwidth that allows it to use its own regenerative wisdom requires reintegration with planetary systems. Restitutio Ad Integrum describes the process of returning to a rich interpenetrating wholeness.


Several systems in the body guarantee self-regulation. Xenogenesis uses diagnostics that reveal the dynamic health of the regulation systems and employs epigenetic tools that restore their balance and vibrancy. Healing comes from the inside. Since every cell divides to create more cells, it is possible to improve the health of the next generation of cells and therefore the health of the whole body by providing a higher quality and an abundance of building materials. In order for new cells and renewed organs to be healthier than the previous generation, they must be constructed under better conditions with better nutrition, a better biological terrain, and better cellular electromagnetics.

As the first facility in the United States to offer guided epigenetic programming, Xenogenesis’s collection of state-of-the art epigenetic technologies is unparalleled. We focus on the health of your cells & DNA, rather than just your outward appearance, which leads to powerful results. The theme of our work is to understand what is keeping the body from healing itself and to support the body’s regulation capacity. At the center of this comprehensive approach is an appreciation for cellular regeneration. Healing comes from the inside. It's an innate capacity within every person. At Xenogenesis, we use pulsed electromagnetic fields, multi-step oxygen therapy and light to simulate the elements that human life requires not only to exist, but to thrive. Exposing your body to the earth's natural life creating elements in mega doses creates supreme health beyond compare.


Geared toward those who are willing to show up and witness the return to wholeness. Our tools provide gentle assistance to the body’s innate mechanisms, rather than a directive force. The point is not to overcome what nature provides but to build a bridge back to the natural state. Although the technology is the most cutting edge, it mimics the most sacred and ancient healing relationships between the human body and the environment. We address the bioelectrics of the body first and build complexity from there, by using “medicines” to which the body is designed to directly respond: light, oxygen, electromagnetic frequencies. In this way we can recover the body’s own wisdom. We believe in minimum effective dosing: by using the right inputs in the right amounts, we can maximize the body’s capacity to heal while still allowing for time to live life. The protocols are sequential and intentionally designed to mirror the body’s bioelectric pathways for maximum benefit in the least amount of time.

Xenogenesis offers something for everyone: cellular repair for those suffering from chronic illness, optimization for the performance athlete and anti-aging for those of us concerned with preserving our youthful vitality (which is basically everybody!). We offer memberships and guided protocols to tailor the technologies to each individual, ensuring high success rates for the clients.

Meet the Founders


Ryan Frisinger

Owner, Clinical Director

Ryan is an interdisciplinary specialist operating at the intersections of medicine and culture. His major research project is the interaction between genomics, biotechnology, medicine, and culture. As a clinician & biohacker, he applies multidisciplinary methods that are tailored to the unique particularities of each patient. This method views the self as in a dynamic interactivity with the world, with others, with technologies—an interactivity that’s inherently unstable. By assiduously mapping the energetic patterns involved with healing and regeneration, he is able to reveal the vast, interconnected biological networks that generate insights into a variety of disease processes to greatly diminish or even eradicate them. His goal when working with patients is to provide a better understanding and articulation of scientific knowledge and informed critique of the ethical and cultural issues surrounding medical interventions and the practice of medicine. Total healing unfolds in the interstices of these medico-cultural spaces. Ryan’s academic background spans many disciplines. He holds an MA in cultural studies and is a PhD candidate with graduate research in genomics, biophysics, complimentary medicine, synthetic biology, comparative literature, and plant science.

Specialties: metabolomics, bio-photonics, bio-regulatory medicine, genomics/methylation, network medicine, medical hermeneutics, multifactorial illness, trauma, complex autoimmune syndromes, plant science, post-humanist/critical theory.

Learn more about Ryan's individual practice: kosmicanimal.com


Julieta Benavides


The body’s mysteries have always fascinated Julieta. As a successful massage and lymphatic drainage therapist and former doula, she is well versed in the interface between structure, function and energy. While she firmly believes there is no substitute for knowledgeable, nurturing touch, she acknowledges the need for addressing other systems in the body when pathology presents: bioelectric, neurokinetic, biochemical. Pain and disease are always multi-factorial, and there is often an inflammatory component or systemic dysfunction at play. She opened Xenogenesis with Ryan to expand her toolkit and better ameliorate her clients’ discomforts.

Specialties: lymphatic drainage, orthopedic massage, prenatal massage, bioelectric medicine, PEMF.

Learn more about Julieta's individual practice: rootsaustin.com